Associated Exhibition
KYOTO 2015

  • <This project was finished in 2015.>
  • Raw - Beyond the flow -
  • Makoto Ofune Exhibition
  • Venue:Simogamo-jinja Shinto Shrine
  • Admission:Free
  • Date:2015.10.3 Sat – 11 sun 6:00 -18:00

Makoto Ofune's work "Raw" emerges in the shrine called "Hashidono" that rests on the creek flowing through the precincts of the Shimogamo shrine. In the mythology, the stream goes from Shimogamo to Kamigamo, continues to generate one infinite, large circulation. When we notice something that appears from there, richness included in that moment connects the whole of the outer world and you. This exhibition corresponds to another exhibition "VOID -Presence of node-" at the Kamigamo shrine.

Simogamo-jinja Shinto Shrine

59 Shimogamo Izumigawa-chō,
Sakyō-ku, Kyoto, 606-0807, Japan